Immersion cartridge heaters

General characteristics

The immersion heaters are used in industrial machines for the direct heating of water or watery solutions as boiling heaters, hot water storage cells, hot water generators, or continuous volume heaters. Our heating cartridges with screw-in of 1½ inch or 1¼ inch are composed of tubular cartridges with rectangular pieces of iron. In agreement with its power the heater can have one or various elements doubled in a spiral and must always remain submerged in water or watery solutions such as oil, paraffin, etc

Effective tubular cartridge heaters

The tubular inmersion cartridges heaters offer great thermal, electrical, and mechanical characteristics. The tube is composed of a cover or stainless steel (Ø 6.5 mm) with an insulating mass highly compressed in which a thread cartridge is inlaid. The material from which this cartridge is made, Incoloy, defers from the rest of the cartridges since they are much more resistant in contact with watery solutions.

INCOLOY© is a registered trade name that includes ternary alloys with nickel predominantly - iron - chromium. Nevertheless, some alloys (those designed for a low thermal expansion) do not contain chromium and one of them (MA 956) does not contain nickel. Others include molybdenum and copper to improve the cartridge corrosion, and aluminium, titanium or niobium to obtain greater resistance by means of heat treatment. The nickel alloys - iron - chromium are characterized by a good resistance to the watery atmosphere corrosion and by its excellent resistance to the atmosphere oxidation to high temperatures. The nickel content obtains making the alloy superior to the stainless steel in the resistance to the corrosion specially under corrosion tension. To high temperatures, the significant chromium content provides resistance to oxidation atmospheres, and the combination of nickel, iron and chromium offers good burst strength by flow. These characteristics, combined with elaboration facility, offer customers a better use of the cartridge heaters with maximum output with huge variety of usage.

Construction & mounting

The immersion cartridges heaters with a screw-in method are usually installed with a screw head SW70 G 1 ½ made of rust-free steel. Once the cartridge heater is fixed, the outer case body can be installed in 4 different positions, each turned at 90º, in such a way that the connection cable can be positioned in the most optimum way.  


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