Our cartridge heaters have been designed to work in the most adverse conditions within the hottest channels. Nevertheless, they are prepared to work within various areas and industrial procedures. The maximum tolerance recommended is of 50W/cm², and work temperatures of 750ºC allowed. These working conditions will assure the best usage of our cartridge heaters.


Over a ceramic cylinder a heating coil is coiled which has been designed and made by computer in order to obtain the exact dimensions and distributions of heat. This coil is located inside a stainless steel tube NiCr8020, sealed by weld at one end and filled up with a layer of oxidized magnesium, which once compacted, leaves the thread of the cartridge to 1.5 mm of the case, to obtain a perfect and fast heat transmission.

cartucho 1. Package of the cartridge
2. Insulating material
3. Sheath of the cartridge
4. Connections

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